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y Map set was not gerenated by compiler It was hand coded. And you are evidently using code page 273, whieh has upper case O- umlaut at X' E0'. In CP 273, the backslash is at X' EC', but you show a colon. Changing the code of a nested function should cause a rebuild. Adding an extra argument should cause a rebuild. Changing the value of a default argument should cause a rebuild: a value. PROG753 One or more of the following conditions occurred: A READ MODIFIED, READ MODIFIED ALL, or READ BUFFER command that also contained data was received. A REPEAT TO ADDRESS or GRAPHIC ESCAPE order that specified an invalid character set was received. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ). Most Searched Keywords. Best asset allocation funds 1.

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    Code prog error

    CICS cannot find a match for a function code in the language definition table because the parameterized resource definition contains an unrecognized resource type code. User Response: If you have an updated copy of the CEDF transaction installed, ensure that you have a TWA size at least as big as the one defined by the IBM. RDz dead process= 721405 exited in * * exit code= 137/ 9/ 160 or other errors * * after Fault Analyzer called for * * abend processing. * * APAR PM77676 * * 06. Problem( Abstract) You receive a PROG753 and sense codeafter your CICS application program does an EXEC CICS SEND MAP command. Sense code 1003 results in message DFHZC2479E or DFH2479I function not supported. Not sure I understand, can you explain a little more? from your description, the prog753 is from non- displayble characters in the table being moved to the output screen. You need to debug where the table data is being updated from. 05 1 What Is CICS - ebookdig. biz is the right place for every Ebook Files. We have millions index of Ebook Files urls from around the world. CICS Transaction Server for z/ OS - IBM. com This edition applies to Version 3 Release 1 of CICS Transaction Server for z/ OS, program number 5655- M15, and to all subsequent versions, releases, and modifications until otherwise indicated in new editions.

    You have junk in the map output area in your program. Check that: You have cleared the output area before using it. Use MOVE LOW- VALUES to your area if it' s Cobol, or equivalent statement in your language to initialize the output area to binary zeroes. The PROG753 error is caused by the Extended Highlighting attribute value of 0x40 in the Start Field Extended order. I have 4 fields in my map which are 9( 6), 9( 3), 9( 3), 9( 3). I wrote validation code like this: IF ROLLNUM IS NOT NUMERIC. not a CICS problem, really, PROGxxx are hardware related errors, if it happens only on some emulated terminals start looking at differences in the configuration of the emulation. 311 is not - 811 : Something is wrong with a host variable. For - 811 we would " fetch first row only". Now, prior to this feature being available, many coders ignored IBM' s warnings and simply allowed - 811 as OK, as a value was somehow always returned ( albeit without guarantee). This might well be due to moving a comp or comp- 3 field to a screen variable and trying to send it. The problem is that, especially with everyone using an " emulated" 3270 terminal, it seems that the " emulated" terminal generates some strange PROG# # # numbers, so that it is difficult to match those PROG# # # ' s to a specific problem. 1] It was interesting to note that " WCC with Error" was code 795, the penultimate code, when you might expect it to be 751 since the WCC byte immediately follows the " command" byte. Wechanged the Code Page in VT220, VT420, SCO ANSI and Wyse 60 Host Access.

    Top Login to post comments Sun, : 12 # 5 Michael Erichsen online screen we. PROG 753 One or more of the following conditions occurred:. A READ MODIFIED, READ MODIFIED ALL, or READ BUFFER command that also contained data was received. Code Exchange; Feedback; Forums;. found that the hex values are entered which is finally preventing the value to get populated which finally results in PROG753. Understanding the OIA The OIA ( Operator Information Area) is the area at the bottom of the screen where session indicators and messages appear. Session indicators show information about the workstation, host system, and attachment. The normal way of executing ABAP code in the SAP system is by entering a transaction code ( for instance, VA0. Transactions can be called via system- defined or user- specific, role- based menus. They can also be started by entering the transaction code directly into a command field, which is present in every SAP screen.